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Lead Guitar-Name-Alfredo Jesus De Los Santos
Birthplace-Galveston, Texas 
Favorite Band-System of a Down
Biggest Musical Influence-Jimi Hendrix/Popi Martinez
Best Song Ever Written-The Wind Cries Mary
Most Memorable Moment-When I first heard Popi Martinez play the guitar.
What I Like To Do Best Is...Play guitar.


Bass Guitar-Name-Mark Salinas
Birthplace-Galveston, Texas
Favorite Band-LIFE OF AGONY
Biggest Musical Influence-Old School James Hetfield
Best Song Ever Written-Reign In Blood
Most Memorable Moment-Birth of my two children.
What I Like To Do Best Is...Party with friends.


Drums-Name-Jesus De Los Santos
Birthplace-Galveston, Texas
Favorite Band-Fantomas
Biggest Musical Influence-
George Harrison
Best Song Ever Written-Blindman By BHS
Most Memorable Moment-Learning I was pregnant!
What I Like To Do Best Is...
Play naked twister....Do you want to play? I won't even make you wash your ass!!!!

Lead Vocals-Name-TBA-Soon, very soon.
Favorite Band-
Biggest Musical Influence-
Best Song Ever Written-
Most Memorable Moment-
What I Like To Do Best Is...